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viereinhalbsaetze november 2017

Peter Pleyer: Cranky Bodies Dance Reset

The place where ideas run loose, where the hierarchy of knowledge is dismantled, where artists are free to play and thrive, jumping, rolling, shaking, driving their energies to the highest of heights. A set that is vibrant and colorful, like Berlin’s once occupied Tacheles has come to life m all its defaced glory, its collective activism; a community of fierce bohemians, celebrating the ruins of history with renewal and parties and iconoclast resistance! Together they buid on the legacy left by their five heroines, making and creating, finding connections, assembling objects, constructing, dressing – only to undress again, to fall, to break, to yield to the incumbent chaos and to surrender to the entropy of their invented reality -

Black white blue red
here now reset
follow the beat of the drum
follow the beat of the drum