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CRANKY BODIES a/company:


Cranky Bodies a/company was created in August 2020 by choreographer Peter Pleyer and visual composer Michiel Keuper together with the Dancers Asaf Aharonson, Caroline Neill Alexander, Aleksandra Borys, Oliver Connew, Ivan Ekemark, Eszter Gál, Anna Nowicka, Ka Rustler, Marysia Stockłosa, Alistair Watts, musician Marc Lohr and stage designer Martin Sieweke, with the aim of testing fundamental questions about non-hierarchical and cross-generational collaboration in a collective and continuous work practice.

Based on Peter and Michiel’s longstanding collaboration dating back to their student days in Arnhem (NL), their projects combine Peter’s choreographic work and Michiel’s visual compositions, including costume and set design.

The group of international performers has been developing dance projects since 2014, such as the HKF-funded ensemble work Visible Undercurrent (2014) and Cranky Bodies Dance Reset (2017) as well as the since 2016 ongoing Berlin-Polish exchange project Moving the Mirror.

the a/company is continuously supported by DOCK ART Berlin.

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