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Terrestrial Transit/

Dance and Talks with Cast and Guests
SOPHIENSÆLE Berlin / June 3-4 / 19:00 Uhr
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Lecture performance Muzeum Susch - PR photo © Photo © Michiel Keuper

21 May 2022

Lecture-performance Muzeum Susch

‘Cranky Interventions. Dance and visual arts in choreographic dialogue’

Saturday / 21.05
14.00 / Auditorium
in frames of MS Performance Weekend

During their lecture-performance, Eszter Gál, Michiel Keuper, and Peter Pleyer will dance, talk and visually compose in Muzeum Susch’s auditorium along the lines of their history and the research into ‘Terrestrial Transit’ that will focus on how dance and choreography are connected to forms of protest in Hungary and Poland before 1989, and how the work of postmodern dance can be a form of protest in the contemporary crisis – a crisis of Health, of Capitalism and War.

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May 2022

TanzRaumBerlin – Magazine Cover

The Kick Off of Terrestrial Transit is featured on the cover of the Tanzraumberlin issue for May/June. You can read the full article ► here


February 2022

Podcast: Good Choices Peter Pleyer

In February Peter was in conversation with Sabine Parzer from the Holistic Dance Institute.
“Good Choices – A holistic conversation about dance, art & life with Sabine Parzer” is a podcast series inviting professionals from the dance, art and related fields to talk about choices they make artistically, personally, environmentally, politically and spiritually. How do these choices impact and inspire their work, physical and mental health, family life, and the communities in which they live?

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Cranky Bodies performance On site / Outside in EDEN park, August 2021 © Photo Michiel Keuper

August / September 2021


Testplatz Wedding – hosted by Galerie Wedding
Rathausplatz, Müllerstrasse, Berlin-Wedding

The interdisciplinary ensemble Cranky Bodies a/company is characterised by the close interweaving of choreographic and sculptural composition, which is constantly renegotiated with the help of structured improvisation. This negotiation process is continued in public, urban space: The ensemble explores the effect of the surrounding architectural structure of the town hall forecourt on its own network of relationships between dance and transitional sculptures.

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Ponderosa residency © Photo Michiel Keuper

Juli 2021

Ponderosa Residency

In July, the company spent a two-week residency at Ponderosa, in Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg.