Visible Undercurrent 2014 © Photo Michéal Rowsome


Visible Undercurrent KICK OFF

Visible Undercurrent asked about the traces of postmodern dance from New York in the late 80s and 90s and how this has affected the Dance making in Berlin through the influence of the schools for choreography EDDC / Arnhem and SNDO / Amsterdam, from the post-reunification period to the present day. Yoshiko Chuma, Mark Tompkins and Eva Karczag as well as Meg Stuart, Sasha Waltz and Jeremy Wade were invited to the KICK OFF from September 11th to 13th, 2014 to attend three evenings improvisations about their memories and their current meaning. Questions about the importance of political activism in artistic work, improvisational processes and their democratic constitution, artistic work in the face of the AIDS crisis, queer and gender issues were discussed. On the third evening, everyone improvised together with four young dancers (Asaf Aharonson, Marcio Canabarro, Mor Demer, Paul Singh). Under the question of what is actually still relevant for the younger generation for their own work as dancers and choreographers, the experiences from the three evenings were integrated into the new piece, which they developed together with Peter Pleyer.

Visible Undercurrent - Program cover
Visible Undercurrent 2014 © Photo Michéal Rowsome

Irene Sieben, TANZ Magazin

"Nothing new under the dance sun? Peter Pleyer thinks that's far from the case. He's bringing together yesterday's avant-garde in Berlin to channel their energy into contemporary currents."